Immer Essen Dewi Sant "Dave"
date of birth: November 23, 2011
vWD clear by parentage - DM clear by DNA - DDCVeterinary
CERF normal 2/01/12
OFA Good
EIC Carrier

Excalibur's Journey Into Mystery

Red & White

OFA Excellent
CERF Normal
vWD Clear by Parentage
DM clear by DNA - OFA WCP-DM261/36M-VPI
Fluff Free by parent DNA


Ch. Mapleleaf's Phaeton

OFA Good
vWD clear Vetgen DNA
Ch.  Aberlee Bransby ROMX

OFA excellent
Aus Ch. Vlandyn Silver Phantom
Sire Eng/Aus Ch. Blaizewood Crackerjack of Revelmere Eng.Ch. Belroyd Nut Cracker
Cinonnie Star Choice
Dam Vlandyn Victoria Plum NZCh. Stormwey Just Supa
Aus.Ch. Vlandyn Peach Blush
Aberlee Kiga
Sire Aus Ch. Bayview Wavebreaker Aus/NZ.Ch. Aberlee Breakaway
Vlandyn Georgia Star
Dam Aberlee Making Music Aust.Ch. Cordach Trojan
Aberlee Making Magic
Mapleleaf's Shasta Daisy

OFA borderline
Am/Can Ch. Stonecroft's Second Sight ROM OFA fair
Sire Ch. Renefield Sport Coat ROM OFA good Ch. Rivona Such Success ROMX
Ch. Renefield Bunny Quite Funny
Dam Am/Can Ch. Stonecroft's Simply Smitten Am/Can.Ch. Jade Tree Penway Up Country CD, ROMX
Can.Ch Stonecroft's Simply Sassy
Mapleleaf's Miss Daisy
Sire Lees Boomerang OFA good Lees Blackstart
Lees Zinnia
Dam Mapleleaf's Miss Jezebel Haley Comit of Karenhurst
Mapleleaf Folklore

Excalibur's Fiona

vWD clear Vetgen DNA
Excalibur's Samurai Jack
Karenhurst Silver Chime (English Import)
Sire Karenhurst Finesse ECh. Super Guy of Pemland
Karenhurst Curlew
Dam Karenhurst Silver Nutmeg Rudgecombe Robin Adair of Karenhurst
Karenhurst Conely
Leonhaus Solveygh
Sire Bishop's Trooper Foxfire
Rocky Docky Dee
Bishop's Foxy Foxfire
Dam Winslow's Pollyanna of Domino Ch. Domino's Ino OFA fair
Winslow's Sweet Whisper
Excalibur's My Name Is Trinity
UKC Ch. EB's April Jester
OFA good
Sire Ch. Champoeg Kitfox OFA good Ch. Brookhaven Pfeif and Drum HC, ROM
Champoeg Mercedes
Dam Macscott Divine Ms T Of EB OFA fair Ch. Clayview Higgins Macscott
Clayview Maureen of Macscott
Excalibur's Kiss From A Rose
Sire Devon of Willowdale OFA good
Willowdale's Bo Jangles
Willowdale's Nerd
Dam Lecanto Peaches & Cream Foxfire's Red Fred
Lecanto Little Raquel
Wind Dials Blow Out the Candles "Piper"

Red Headed Tri

OFA Preliminary Fair / PennHip Average
CERF Normal
vWD clear by VetGen DNA
DM Carrier by DNA - DNC
Fluff Carrier by DNA

Pyne-Woode Lucky Charm

OFA Fair Unilateral Left

Ch. Bluemoon's Uptown Attitude
Rosemead's Red October

Sire Greenforest Evening Shade Ch. Nebriowa Forest Ranger
Greenforest's Expresso
Dam Stardust's Moody Blue
Ch. OHoroko Caralon Dickens OFA good
Ch. Larklain Magnum's Amber OFA fair
Otreks Abbott Character
OFA Fair
Sire Ch. Otreks Herman Josephs OFA fair Ch. Otreks China Gold OFA fair
Larklains Master Cameo OFA good
Dam Olantigh Extra Special EngCh. Fitzdown Dorian of Deavitte
Olantigh Fascination
Ch.  Xanths Heaven Cent
Ch. Shaval's Fire Master
OFA Excellent
Sire EngCh. Woodhenge Star Voyager EngCh.Gaylord's Bland's Limited Edition of Belroyd
EngCh.Woodhenge Black Velvet  OFA fair
Dam Belroyd the Avocet at Shavals EngCh.Belroyd Nutcracker
EngCh.Belroyd Poppinjay
Ch. Omega's Magical Mystery

Sire Ch. Otreks Herman Josephs OFA fair Ch. Otreks China Gold OFA fair
Larklains Master Cameo OFA good
Dam Omega's Illusion Ch.Omega's Merlin De Avalon
Avalon's Ashley Brooke OFA fair
Mirror E Jackie
Crackerjack Tri Bune
Kilvewood Springs Eternal
Sire Kilvewood Spring Harvest EngCh. Blaizewood Crackerjack of Kilvewood
Kilvewood Second Honeymoon
Dam EngCh. Kilvewood Miss Match Kentwood Man in the Moon at Kilvewood
Pendogett Prudentmatch at Kilvewood
Kilvewood Joy to the World
Sire EngCh. Blaizewood Crackerjack of Kilvewood EngCh. Belroyd Nutcracker
Cinonnie Star Choice
Dam Kilvewood Second Honeymoon EngCh. Kilvewood Chicago Bear
EngCh. Kilvewood Ice on Fire
Tiago Little Girl
P Bar S Fonda Cudney
Sire Hilltop Flapjack Schrock's Benjy Joe
Pr's Lark
Dam Hilltop of Copper Shady Lane's Rags to Riches
Big Hart Penny
P Bar S Grant's Betsy
Sire Chopper Grant Hilltop Flapjack
Hilltop of Copper
Dam Kolb's Swanky Majesta
Stetson Mr
Swanky Magi